Nova 1900

Wire Resistance Tester


  • NEMA, ASTM, IEC, and JIS Specifications
  • Test Magnet Wire Sizes:
    44 AWG to 12 AWG
    (0.05 mm to 2 mm)
  • 120VAC/0.25Amps @ 60Hz
    240VAC/0.125Amps @ 50Hz

The Nova 1900 Magnet Wire Resistance Tester determines the resistance of magnet wire and bare wire per NEMA, ASTM, IEC, and JIS specifications. The resistance test is also used to determine the diameter of fine wire (45-50 AWG). The Nova 1900 wire mounting fixture can hold a 1-meter or a 3-foot wire specimen between the Kelvin bridge contacts in an enclosed enclosure (for fine wire test fixture only). The resistance bridge is located close to the wire mounting fixture to minimize error. The resistance bridge is equipped with a universal temperature compensator and 4-wire Kelvin connectors for accuracy. The Nova 1900 Resistance Tester bridge has 6 measuring ranges from 20 milliohm to 2 K-ohms with a 1 micro-ohms resolution on the 20
milliohm range. The bridge accuracy is 0.1%.


26" L x 15" W x 12" H
66cm L x 38cm W x 30cm H